Ahoy! My name is bastiaan van druten but you can call me bas. I’m a concept developer and designer with a hands-on attitude. Always looking for the core of any question before answering with a truthful answer. I’m a generalist in a world of specialism.



DR. MOLLERCOLLEGE, Higher professional education in Waalwijk, the Netherlands
Graduated in ‘02

SINTLUCAS, Secondary vocational education – Multi Media- & Graphic Design in Boxtel, the Netherlands
Graduated in ‘06

UNIVERSITY OF LINCOLN, Bachelor of Arts – Graphic Design in Lincoln, United Kingdom.
Graduated in ‘07

ROYAL ACADEMY OF ARTS (KABK), Bachelor of Design – Graphic- & Typographical Design in The Hague, the Netherlands
Graduated in ‘11

Work experience

RAPID SUGAR – Graphic designer
worked for TomTom, ING, Holland Casino & Microsoft
October 2007 – june 2008

TRAVIX INTERNATIONAL – Graphic- & interactiondesigner
Worked for vliegwinkel.nl & BudgetAir worldwide
October 2011 – May 2012

BASTIAANVANDRUTEN.COM – Independent designer
Webdesign, concept development, product design, identity
February 2012 – present
Currently in New Zealand

ENGAGEMENT MEDIA – Graphic- & webdesigner
Webdesign & content production for social media
August 2013 – December 2015

STUDIO BROEKHUIZEN – Graphic- & webdesigner
Webdesign & graphic design for social media
June 2015 – February 2016

Self Initiated projects:

WOODY SKATEBOARDS – In september 2013 I started to design, produce and sell old school skateboards from locally felled trees.
September 2013 – present

DE KAJUIT – In 2011 I started making prison style tattoo machines from cassette deck motors and tattooing accordingly
December 2011 – present

KLEIN NEW ORLEANS – What started of as another beer fueled idea turned out to be one of the biggest projects I worked on so far. Klein New Orleans is a free music festival in the city centre of Utrecht, inspired by the street music culture of New Orleans.
September 2014 – 24 May 2015


SPITS NIEUWS – August 12 2013
“Humor en horror op je huid”

Skateboardbuilder Bas van Druten: “Ik verkoop niet alleen een product, maar ook een uniek verhaal.”

SALT MAGAZINE – 8th year #6, December 2013
“Cool people: alive & kicking”

SUBBACULTCHA! – December 12 2013
“We Will Publish You”

AD UTRECHT – January 3 2014
“Het Utrecht van Bas van Druten”

DE DAKHAAS – January 21 2015
“Woody Skateboards”

CRAFT COUNCIL – August 6 2014
Article on Woody Skateboards

TROUW MAGAZINE – October 11 2014
“de Duurzame 100”

LINDA MEIDEN – October 11 2014
Article on Woody Skateboards

HET PAROOL – March 30 2015
“Hout van de stad”

360 MAGAZINE – Summer 2015
Article on Woody Skateboards

DESIGNBOOM – Juli 9 2015
“Woody skateboards repurpose urban wood for sustainable shredding”

WOMEN’S HEALTH – 3rd year #4, September 2015
Life skills


PECH KUCHA UTRECHT #13 – March 27 2014
Presentation about the concept behind, and the creation of Woody Skateboards.

FUNX RADIO UTRECHT – October 10 2014
Radio interview on the concept behind Woody Skateboards on FunX Radio.

BZT SHOW – October 19 2014
During this edition of the best viewed Dutch children’s program I made a Woody Skateboard together with 12 year old Rikki.

INDIE BRANDS CRAFTS – December 11 2014
Presentation about the concept behind, and the creation of Woody Skateboards in Pakhuis de Zwijger.

STUDENTS IN MOTION – February 3 2015
Interview/presentation about Woody Skateboards at the University of Amsterdam

DUTCH DESIGN WEEK – October 22-26 2014
Dutch Design week is the most important design fair in the Netherlands. During this edition I showcased my newest skateboards.

NORTH MODERN – August 12-14 2015
1.1618 from Paris invited me to show my boards at their sustainable luxury pavilion during North Modern in Copenhagen

VORMGEVERS IN HOUT – October 17-18 2015
This is the best in Dutch woodworking